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Men, Women, Kids.

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SAG, AFTRA non-union

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Modeling Industry Information
Applying to SDMM
Our goal is to provide high quality modeling services to clients in southern California. If you are interested in our services or would like to apply to become a model please browse our web site for more information.

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Physical Requirements:
They are not as bad as you think, well then again maybe they are.
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How much money do models make?:
You probably didn't know this.
Fashion Film Network

Like Fashion & Film? Visit the Fashion Film Network here.

Check out the the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival here. The first fashion film festival based in the U.S.

What type of pictures do I need?:
Do not read this if you've spent a lot of money already.

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Ask Mr. Agent:
Get straight answers to the questions you want to know about the modeling industry.

Online Model Database
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Applying to the big agencies:
Is once enough?
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Modeling I.Q. Test
Test your skills and see how much you know about the modeling industry.


Call San Diego Model Management anytime:
(619) 296-1018
24 hour answering service

(619) 296-2373 - voice mail
(619) 296-3422 - fax - e-mail

438 Camino Del Rio South #116
San Diego, CA 92108

Free casting/audition facilities
available in-house

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0 to 3ish
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3ish to 12ish

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13 and up
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Trade show and convention.

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