Getting Started for Babies and Kids

San Diego Model Management

Getting Started in the

Baby & Toddler Division


This information is ONLY for persons who have already submitted to us – and – have been accepted by us. 

If this is not the case you must submit to us through the regular channels found at

  • Contact Information: San Diego Model Management, 888 Prospect St. #200, La Jolla CA 92037. Jennifer Fite is the Baby and Kids Booker.
  • By appointment only. Sorry, no walk-ins.
  • We DO NOT recommend that you go out and spend money on professional pictures. At this stage pictures you take are fine. Cell phone pictures are perfectly adequate. 
  • Southern California is considered one big economic marketplace in the modeling world. Because of this most of the work takes place in the Los Angeles area. If you already live in the L.A. area and do not have representation then you are welcome to apply to our agency. However if you are already represented in L.A. by an agency then do not apply with us. Also, because the modeling business is conducted frequently on a last minute basis, if you need a lot of advanced notice this may not be a good choice for you. 
  • Along with most of the Southern California entertainment industry we use a casting service called LA Casting . Jennifer will pick one of the pictures you have supplied us to include in your child’s listing on this service. LA Casting does not charge for the first 2 pictures, if you would like to post more they do charge a fee. San Diego Model Management has no connection with the fees charged by LA Casting. If you want to post more pictures simply let Jennifer know. 
  • The Kids and Baby Division uses email and text to communicate with its team members (You). Jennifer’s email is:
  • Obtain an “entertainment work permit” for your child. In order for your child to work they must have a current permit – there are no exceptions. Send us verification once you obtain the permit. There is no fee and a social security number is not required.
  • Go HERE to apply for your permit. It is a huge problem if you get to a shoot and do not have a current permit. Don’t let this happen to you!
  • Our clients are very particular about sizes and current measurements. As young children are constantly changing their look and measurements, it is very important that we are kept up to date on these changes.

For clothing and shoe sizes send us updates when one full size is increased. For height send us updates for each additional inch.

For ages infant to 2 years send us new photos every six months.

For ages 2 to 4 years a once a year update on photos is fine.

  • We will submit your child’s pictures as often as possible – however – be aware that the demand for babies and toddlers is limited. Please keep your expectations realistic. Once your child is registered please do not call the Kids Division to check-in. We will, of course, email or text you with any bookings or scheduling information as it comes in.