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Rules of The Child Modeling World
  • Don't spend any money on professional pictures before your child has been accepted by an agency. Use your smartphone
  • Real agencies do not need professional pictures to decide on your child
  • Kids do not need training or experience to get modeling jobs
  • Submit locally, use Google to find agencies & submission requirements
  • Don't waste time & money driving to distant auditions
  • Don't pay upfront fees
  • Modeling classes are OK for fun, but not making money
  • Do not participate in expensive contests and/or conventions - you can submit to any agency you want for free
  • There is no reason you should have to leave your child out of your sight either at an audition or job
  • Model agencies normally take 20% of what your child earns
  • Signing agreements is OK but be clear on the time length and percentage terms
  • Child modeling is part time - hey, how many supermodels are kids? (Answer: none)

Applying to San Diego Model Management for Children:

We cover the Southern California modeling market- from Los Angeles to the Mexican Border. Please make sure you either live in our area or are moving here before submitting to the agency.

Children must be submitted through regular mail or e-mail. We do not see children during Open-Call. People are considered children for our purposes from approximately 3 or 4 years to 12 years. If your child is accepted for representation they will be asked to come into the agency for a personal interview.

When submitting your images please keep the following in mind:

Your photographs do not have to be professional. Regular snapshots that you take are fine. Please be sure that they accurately portray your child. Sunglasses, mud smeared on face, eyes closed, etc. are not good ideas for your images.

Three headshots and two full length images is all we need.

It is better to submit by e-mail rather than send your pictures by regular mail. If you submit by e-mail you will normally get a response within 2 weeks if we are interested in your child. If you submit by regular mail you only get back an answer if we are interested in your child. The reason is that there are simply too many submissions to call everyone back and tell them “no”. Kindly do not ask why we did not want your child. Agency personnel are not allowed to give reasons. Be assured there was no conspiracy, only a lot of submissions and very few spots available.

If you do submit by regular mail remember we do not return pictures. San Diego Model Management is not responsible for pictures received in submissions. Color laser prints, (the ones you can get almost anywhere for 69 cents), or print outs from your home computer are fine for submissions.

Our regular mail address is: Kids Booker, 438 Camino Del Rio S. #116, San Diego Ca, 92108. See below for e-mail information.

We will need the name and phone number of the person to call back if we are interested in their child. We will also need the name and date of birth of the child. In the event your child is accepted for representation you will be contacted and appointment will be set up. We ask that only one parent or guardian bring in the child or children. Please keep your expectations realistic. Although some children work regularly, for many it’s part time. This is simply because of market forces that the agency has little control over.

Be assured that we only work with children that we think will make money.

Follow these simple steps for e-mail submissions:

Use only 72 dpi resolution.
Keep image sizes under 500 pixels in height.
We do not accept submissions over 499mb in combined file size.
We only accept JPEG format. No ZIP or other extensions.

for Child picture submissions e-mail to:

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Did you know that the market for child models is the more competitive than any other category?

Ther reason is that there are more attractive kids in general than adults. If you take a group of kids chances are many of them will be "cute" or attractive. If you take the same group 15 years later only a few attractive ones will be left. That means the clients who book models have a much larger group to pick from when they want child models. Keep this in mind the next time you are thinking of traveling to another city for a child model search. While there is generally no harm in entering your child in a search or contest through the internet, as long as the fees are low and you checked out the organization behind the search/contest, spending alot of time and money on child modeling is generally a waste of your time and money.

Is your child "cute" enough to model?

While it is human nature for most parents to think their kids are very attractive, that does not mean a modeling agency will want them. However it's probably a good idea to submit their pictures if you feel up to it for the following reasons.

  • Kids grow up quick so agencies always need new replacements
  • Your child might have the exact look an agency is looking for at that particular time
  • It should be easy and cost you nothing
  • If you follow the above rules you can make extra money and enjoy it at the same time!
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